About Me

In 2003 I met my first Maltese

She was standing on the grooming table looking up at me with her dark brown button eyes, her head cocked to the side, waiting patiently for me to bathe her! She was beautiful. She had gorgeous white hair that went clear to the floor. She was tiny in structure but oh so big in personality. I remember, asking her owners when they came to pick her up, "what kind of dog is this?". That was the first time I met a Maltese. I was awestruck. By that time, I had worked with many breeds at the grooming shop, but there was just something so special about this beautiful "dustmop"! I had to have one! My journey into the world of Maltese soon began. And they have since become my passion.

My name is Gina Evans and my husband is Cory Evans. We live just minutes from Lake Erie here in the great state of Ohio. Very close to the World Renowned Cedar Point Amusement Park. We have four children together and two grandchildren. Family is extremely important to us, including our extended furry family members. Together we strive to bring you a happy, healthy, well socialized forever maltese companion. I take breeding very seriously, and throughout the last decade I have made great strides in improving my lines, improving the overall quality, soundness, and health of my maltese.

My ultimate goal in breeding is to breed as closely to the American Kennel Club (AKC) Maltese standard as is possible. In my breeding program here at Cogins Maltese every effort is made to build and improve with each breeding. I know that finding that "perfect" maltese puppy is a joyous time and very special, we hope to be a big part of that journey. Our hope is also to provide you with a well adjusted companion who will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.


Gina & Cory Evans